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We currently have an active slate of projects in various stages of development, and we collect and maintain a robust archive of nunique nature footage filmed in HIGH-DEFINITION around the globe.

Production Services

For clients and corporations who have made substantial contributions to our planet, we help craft strategies to spread word of their achievements through many forms of media. From writing and producing an educational series to fit a broad curriculum, to conceptualizing and delivering branded videos for a conservation group, we apply our unique talents to connect ideas to the audience.

Some of our partners and clients include:

Original Productions

Originally called Bahati Productions, EverWild Media has conceived and produced feature-length documentary films, educational video series and short-subject documentaries. These have been aired on The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, distributed wordlwide, and made available to hundreds of schools across America.

Currently in development or production:

As a follow up the critically acclaimed documentary Art from the Arctic we present Burning Ice, a feature film documenting the journey of a group of artists off the coast of Greenland.

Climate change is a reality which is caused by us all and is a cultural, economic and social problem whichhas to move beyond scientific debate. Cape Farewell is an artist led project for and about artists, committed to enabling artists to engage the public with creative insights, visions and solutions. The Arctic is an extraordinary place to visit and experience. The invitation is simply to come onboard and be inspired by your arctic experience.

Produced in association with the Earthwatch Institute, A Year on Earth has been broadcast on The Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, Animal Planet and Discovery HD. It is a feature-length documentary and has an accompanying educational series of short videos exploring the varied topics of the film.

Synopsis: One September, one girl and two boys, 16, 17, 18, set off on a dream trip to the last, great corners of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Their mission was to join the work of scientists, appraisng the health of our planet.

An odyssey, filled with character and drama, earthly beauty and human shame, rocking music and outrageous surprises. A story that shows how minds can change—theirs… and maybe yours.

iExplore will bring the extraordinary cadre of Wings WorldQuest explorers to young people as modern day role models. Through the stories of these courageous, engaging explorers, iExplore is designed to empower young people to explore both inwardly and outwardly; and to understand that exploration is a way of life.

iExplore helps young people:
  • See a positive vision of their world
  • Show that there are opportunities that come with challenges
  • Develop an understanding of the connections between people and the environment
  • Demonstrate the interconnectivity of all life and the inherent
  • responsibility this entails
  • Nurture their ability to tune into their own inquisitiveness and curiosity
  • Experience that Science is fun
  • Go beyond the classroom and establish the foundation for life-long learning

Nature Cinematography

The ever-growing Everwild Collection of stock-footage from around the world can be found at naturefootage.com.

Everwild logo artwork courtesy of Jonathan Kenworthy.

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